Hatakeyama Iron Works Co., Ltd. has been supplying a broad range of forged steel machine parts since 1922.


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Production Process

Our Integrated Production System

Hatakeyama Iron Works’ manufacturing procedure consists of twelve processes from receipt of order to product shipment. Each process is under the control of its highly experienced specialists. Through this production system, the Company ensures quality and reliability which meet customer needs. This policy has never changed since our foundation, and will not in the future.

From Order to Delivery

Receiving Order

Our sales representative makes an agreement with a customer following discussions regarding product specifications, delivery date and price.

Receiving Order Image  

Production Information Input

《Production Management System》
Customer information is recorded by entering the production data including specifications and delivery date into our production management system. Production commences following verification of this information by our quality management group.

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Cutting Materials

Based on the product forging weight specified by the Production Department, the most suitable material is carefully selected from our raw material inventory of over 2,000 tons and cut into the required weight.

Cutting Materials Image


The necessity for preheating and heating duration are decided based on the volume (the maximum thickness) of the selected material. The material is heated to a forgeable temperature (500°C ~ 1,300°C), using preheating and heating furnaces.

Preheating/Heating Image


Using a 2,000-ton or 750-ton forging press, the material is shaped to a dimension close to the final product, while maximizing the yield and forging effect.

Forging Image

In-process Inspection

《Dimensions/Appearance Inspection》
Following forging, inspection is carried out concerning product dimensions and appearance. Ultrasonic inspection is conducted as necessary after the primary heat treatment.

In-process Inspection Image

Heat Treatments

Various heat treatments are conducted for quality improvement including normalizing and tempering immediately after forging; quenching and tempering after rough machining; stress-relief annealing; and solution heat treatment.

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《Rough Processing/Semi-Finishing/Drilling/Finishing》
Machining is carried out to meet specifications in approximately 30 collaborating plants. Each of these companies boasts a wide variety of machine tools such as horizontal and vertical lathes and makes full use of their advantages.

Machining Image

Completion of Machining

By linking various systems such as production management, shop-floor support and process control, products with great cost performance are efficiently manufactured.

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Our experienced specialists carry out inspections utilizing a variety of test instruments. Product quality is controlled by conducting machine inspections, dimensions/appearance checks, non-destructive tests, and hardness tests.

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Only those products which pass stringent inspection standards are labeled as products of Hatakeyama Iron Works by means of stencil, carved seal or painting.

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Products are delivered to customers throughout Japan mainly overland by truck.

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