Hatakeyama Iron Works Co., Ltd. has been supplying a broad range of forged steel machine parts since 1922.

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Outline and History

Nothing Supersedes History

     A Management Base Cultivated Over Many Years

While adapting to changing times over the many years since its foundation, Hatakeyama Iron Works has won customer confidence, by constantly pursuing the advancement of technology and quality, and the upgrading and expansion of its facilities. The Company considers that its current position is due in great measure to the winning of such confidence. Going forward, we will continue to work through our solid operating management base and corporate systems to achieve customer satisfaction.


Name of Company:

Hatakeyama Iron Works Co.,Ltd.

Date of Foundation:

March 3rd, 1922


90 million yen


Ryusuke Hatakeyama, Chairman
Kazuya Hatakeyama, President


2-11-1, Keihinjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0003 Japan
TEL +81-3-3790-0211    FAX +81-3-3790-0210


Land (8,170 m2): forging plant (2,180 m2), heat treatment plant (1,240 m2), inspection plant (400 m2), cutting plant (290 m2), material yard (1,200 m2), product yard (350 m2), material testing laboratory (30 m2), office (300 m2) and welfare facilities (270 m2)




March 1922 Founded by Ryuhei Hatakeyama as an independently operated business at 4-2034, Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
February 1945 Inaugurated Hiroshi Hatakeyama as the second-generation President.
February 1956 Certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR), marking obtainment of certification by all classification societies.
April 1978 Transferred all plants to the Keihin Industrial Zone.
June 1980 Installed a 26-ton heating furnace to the 2,000-ton forging press to accommodate large forging production.
April 1981 Installed 20-ton rail-bound and 18-ton mobile manipulators to increase production.
January 1982 Established a quality management system and issued a quality system manual. Started the made-to-order production of nuclear industry and ASME related parts.
August 1990 Inaugurated Hiroshi Hatakeyama as Chairman and the third-generation Ryusuke Hatakeyama as President.
November 1999 Introduced a production management system to improve efficiency.
May 2005 Replaced existing heating furnaces by those with a regenerative gas burner.
May 2007 Inaugurated Ryusuke Hatakeyama as Chairman and the fourth-generation Kazuya Hatakeyama as President.