Hatakeyama Iron Works Co., Ltd. has been supplying a broad range of forged steel machine parts since 1922.
Hatakeyama Iron Works Co., Ltd


Founded in 1922 and presided over by four generations of the Hatakeyama family, Hatakeyama Iron Works Co., Ltd. has, regardless of however much times may have changed, remained steadily focused on the forging, heat treatment and machining of iron and steel.

Drawing to maximum effect on the technology and expertise accumulated over many years, the Company has invested its energies in improving productivity in order to deliver high-quality products that meet customer needs.

The Company regularly maintains a stock level of close to 2,000 tons so as to meet short delivery times, and to take advantage of its long-standing business relationships with steel manufacturers in Japan and overseas by responding to small-lot orders for materials not available on the general market.

Using its 2,000-ton and 750-ton hydraulic presses, Hatakeyama Iron Works covers the full range from small (50 kg) to large products (15,000 kg) in a wide range of product categories with their diverse shapes, sizes and steel types.



Hatakeyama Iron Works Co.,Ltd.


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